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Investment Criteria

The General Partner intends to acquire both majority and minority interests in healthcare services (diagnostics, home care), health insurance companies and medical technology firms primarily in Brazil, but other appropriate close jurisdictions will be considered for investment. The General Partner intends to invest in healthcare companies with sales that range from U.S. $35m to U.S. $600m and a track record of at least five to ten years of commercial operations in their markets of operation.  The Partnership does not intend to invest in start ups. It does not intend to invest in mezzanine, senior lending or distressed debt transactions.

The General Partner plans to invest in healthcare companies whose value can be derived from operational improvements, product/service innovations, consumer marketing improvements and distribution improvements to reach more customers.

Operational improvements might take the form of collapsing many enterprise resource planning systems across multiple business units into one whilst designing one template for the firm’s global operations but permitting differences for local markets. Operations efficiency might also entail focusing on high volume medical technology/healthcare services whilst phasing out the costs associated with research and development, marketing, manufacturing and sales of less profitable low volume products.

Product innovation
would focus on developing medical technology products that serve unmet needs. Product innovation might also entail designing medical technology products more tailored to local tastes by reducing excess features that are not appropriate for local tastes. This complexity reduction in the manufacturing chain will reduce operating costs and increase revenue growth.

Broadening distribution
would focus on reaching more customers. This will entail assessing why certain customers have not being reached before assessing the feasibility of reaching such customers. The General Partner seeks to reach more customers through distributors that have a track record of shortening the response time to fragmented areas. MAC seeks to leverage its bargaining power with local distributors by allowing them to auction up their best practices and distribution prices amongst each other.

Strengthening consumer communication might require direct contact with hospitals, doctors and care homes to explain the latest features of medical devices.